Stock Your Ship With Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Get high-quality commercial kitchen equipment, galley supplies, and uniform services for your ship. ShipShape Inc. serves Norfolk, Virginia, with products and supplies for countless Navy ships.


Galley Uniforms

Outfit your crew in sharp, appealing work uniforms. We have standard logos and other items that might be placed on a standard ship galley uniform. You also have the option to place a custom logo on your uniforms. Pick the colors and sizes you need and experience our prompt turnaround service. Email us your request, as we create the uniform for each ship at the time of purchase. 

Food Service Equipment

Find everything that you need to keep your ship's kitchen operating smoothly. If it is normally in a galley, we sell it. Send us your list of items and we will provide you with it in a timely manner.

United States Navy Aircraft Carriers

In our years of service, we have outfitted numerous aircraft carriers. We take pride in serving and supplying the military and have outfitted ships including the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76). Other aircraft carriers from Norfolk, Virginia, that we have serviced include:

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower
CVN-69 Nimitz
October 18, 1977
USS George H. W. Bush
CVN-77 Nimitz
January 10, 2009
USS Harry S. Truman
CVN-75 Nimitz
July 25, 1998
USS Theodore Roosevelt
CVN-71 Nimitz
October 25, 1986

United States Navy Amphibious Assault Ships

In addition to equipping the galleys in aircraft carriers, we have also served amphibious assault ships in Norfolk. Over the years we have outfitted ships including:

USS Wasp
LHD-1 Wasp
July 6, 1989
USS Kearsarge
LHD-3 Wasp
October 16, 1993
USS Bataan
LHD-5 Wasp
September 20, 1997